Headlight Restoration could improve your visibility while driving at night.


Take a look at your headlights. Do they have a yellowish tint or seem a little hazy? The effectiveness of your headlights may decline with UV exposure. Because this happens gradually though, it may be hard to tell that your headlights aren’t working as well as they used to.

Safety Concern

According to Consumer Reports, hazy headlights are a safety concern and can reduce the “effectiveness of your headlights by up to 80 percent” especially in warm and sunny climates like the Central Coast. How fast this happens depends on lots of variables such as where you park your car and the material the lens is made of.

The Process

The headlight restoration process requires sanding and polishing the outer surface and is best done by a professional. While there are do it yourself headlight restoration kits they typically include a solvent that can damage your car if you’re not careful. We provide this professional car care service at all 4 of our locations. If you get a wash along with the headlight restoration you can expect it to take about 45 minutes.